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Periodontitis and the risk associated with it
Treatment of periodontitis will allow DNA analysis
How to help from periodontitis

Periodontitis threaten your heart

Periodontisis – Dentistry

Periodontitis is very common and often protracted illness, which can be effectively treated. Bacteria multiply in hard finish area, they produce a variety of toxins and waste products, which irritates the cells of our defense system and it cause to inflammation. This has resulted in damage of the tissue supporting apparatus of the tooth, creating the so-called periodontal pockets, and without medical intervention it is leading to the loss of teeth.

Although the above information may seem more or less known, of course you can be really surprised that this seemingly trivial disease, at what is considered incautiously periodontitis, may have a profound impact on the health of the whole organism. Periodontitis is indeed a serious infectious disease that should not be underestimated, because the sick person can infect their loved ones.

Periodontisis – Cardiology

Increased amount of periodontal bacteria in the blood were observed in humans suffering from periodontitis, not only for cleaning teeth, but mainly in surgical and dental interventions.

For the truly shocking fact may be considered the results of scientific and clinical studies which have noted probable relationship between cardiovascular diseases and the presence of periodontal bacteria exactly in muscle tissue of heart and in vascular:

- Heart attack
- Atherosclerosis
- Angina pectoris
- Sudden stroke and heart failure

Cardiovascular diseases represent the most common cause of all deaths in developed countries.

Diagnosing periodontitis VariOr ® Dento

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